Island Solidarity, Shared Prosperity

The Ohana Aina Association was formed to be an advocate for Homestay, Farmstay and Transient Rental operators on the Big Island.  We exist to help families grow and prosper.  Our members include families, farmers, short term rental owners, property managers, service providers and visitors. 

The Ohana Aina Association is a Hawaiian 501c(6) non-profit corporation.  That means our operations are funded through membership dues.  If you depend on short term rental income to make ends meet each month, please join now.


Our Partners



HIMAST advocates for the rights of individuals engaged in the legal mid and short-term rental sector at the state level.  It is an umbrella group made up of several island specific groups including the Ohana Aina Assocation ( Big Island ), Maui Vacation Rental Assocation, OSTRA ( Oahu) and HILSTRA.



OSTRA educates and advocates for fair treatment of the mid and short-term rentals on Oahu.




HILSTRA is a 501(c)(4) Non-Profit Organization. Its members include actively licensed professional managers of legal short-term vacation rentals and is comprised of over 60 licensed rental managers representing over 1,500 legal short-term rentals statewide.



The Maui Vacation Rental Association provides news and information about current issues regarding single family Short Term Rental homes (STRH) and Bed & Breakfast homes (B&B), and Transient Vacation Rental Condos (TVR) on the island of Maui.